It’s not just Christmas gifts we have on our minds come December. It’s a time of reflection, when we mull our life choices over mulled wine and wonder if we’d be happier in a new career.

Well, if your New Year’s resolution is to do something, well, new, here are four ways to make it happen.

  1. Make a list

It’s an oldie, but it works. Grab a piece of paper and write down what you hate about your job on the left, and what you love on the right. Now get another piece of paper (or go online) to make a word cloud.

Now you have your map to plot your way to your dream job. You could even type some of these words into a job search website and see what pops up. If you write down ‘creativity,’ discover how to unleash it in your day job.

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  1. Get over job stereotypes

Office jobs must be boring. Suits, endless meetings, and ‘blue sky thinking.’ And while some corporate roles can be fusty, many companies realize that a relaxed office environment can boost productivity. Casual clothes, flexible working hours, and paid personal development all make for happy employees. Check out Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For to see which ones get the mix right.

The same goes for non-corporate jobs. A Ted survey into job satisfaction revealed that hairdressers are happiest at work. As psychologist Barry Schwartz observes, “To be sure, hairdressers need to acquire a set of technical skills—for cutting, coloring, and styling hair. And many, perhaps most of them, see what they do as requiring a fair amount of creativity. But what makes the job meaningful, I think, is the skill they acquire in interacting with clients.”

Overcome your job stereotypes, and you might just find you’re happier – and your skills more suited to – a new working environment.

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  1. Peek over the cubicle

Your new career could be closer than you think. Like, in the same building, close. Your company probably has a wide variety of roles that make it tick, and you might find one of those more rewarding.

If a new position comes up, human resources (HR) departments love internal applicants because they already know if you’re a good fit for the company. But don’t wait for a vacant position. Speak to your HR rep. The good ones will see which areas your skills match with. And if your company values you, they might even create a position just to keep you.

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  1. Take your business to a new level

If it’s not you but your company that needs a boost, a business loan could provide the cash you need to make quick changes. You could increase your inventory. Buy design software for your home studio. Or help secure a location for your second store. Whatever it takes to grow your business.

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Remember, we spend a third of our lives working, so don’t ponder a career change for too long. Act today!


Aggie Aviso