It’s incredibly common for people to be afraid of making changes to their lives. Even when you are unhappy, there is an element of comfort in your environment which can seem to be preferable to getting yourself out there and challenging yourself to improve. However, the reality is that unless you are fortunate indeed if you don’t face your fears and start making those all-important changes in your life, how will you progress? If this sounds familiar, read on – today, we’re going to explore some simple tactics you can use to face your fears and improve your life. Let’s get started right away.

Understand fear

First of all, when you are stricken by fear – of change, self-improvement, and putting yourself out there, for example – it can be easy to feel like it’s only happening to you. But guess what – it isn’t. Everyone has fears, even the highly successful people you want to emulate. The only difference between you and them is that they have found ways of facing their fears and plowing through them. Successful people don’t allow those fears to get a grip and stop them from achieving their goals. So, don’t feel like your fear is holding you back more than anyone else – it’s not. Everyone has them, and the best way to deal with those fears is to confront them head on. Now, let’s take a look at some ways you can start making a difference.


Embrace your fears

When people are afraid of something, they tend to hide it away and keep it out of their minds. Instead, you should try and embrace those fears – try writing them all down, including all the ways they have held you back in the past. Make a journal, and whenever you feel that nagging doubt in the back of your mind is stopping you from doing something, jot it down. Once you start doing this you will begin to gain a lot of insight and knowledge of your fears – you’ll know them a lot better and be more aware of when they are likely to take hold. And once you have this information, you will start to have more control and power of the fears than you had before.

Take baby steps

Once you have identified all those fears that are holding you back, try and establish a plan of action that will start you off on the road to confronting them. But take it slow and steady – don’t run before you can walk. Let’s say you are petrified of getting out there and meeting new clients. Instead of going all out, try heading to a local bar and going up to someone you don’t know and giving yourself simple tasks to find out about them,. It will get you used to meeting new people, making small chat, and also give you more confidence. It will be daunting at first, of course, but you will find over time the fear of meeting new people starts to wane.



Even the most confident person you ever meet will have fears – they just pretend that they don’t. So think about how you can stop making those scary stories up in your head, which is likely to be based on what has happened in the past, and are creating the fears of your future. Take acting coaching to help build up your confidence, and act as if you are someone else entirely – perhaps this could be the way you can start overcoming the inner you and coming out of your shell. Live your life in the fullest way possible, and celebrate what you achieve. Laugh at your fears and start acknowledging how silly it is that something so small can hold you back so much. Tap into your inner child and pretend to be the carefree youngster you were all those years ago.

Prove yourself

Learning new things can do wonders for your confidence, help you find a new direction, and improve your knowledge and intuition. Again, it can be difficult at first, but there is some incredible help out there. Family, friends, mentors, course tutors – all of whom will be happy to help you learn and prove yourself. Once you start down this route, you will find that you start trumping your fears, one by one, and they will fade into insignificance.

Fear can be an incredibly constricting force on your life But try to imagine how your life would be if you could put it to the sword! Small steps in a positive direction are easier than you might think – so get out there and tell your fears where to go!

Aggie Aviso