When we say the word ‘home,’ what thoughts does this conjure up for you?

As examples, you might think about safety, relaxation, and time with the family. Positive aspects, all.

On the negative side of things, you might also think about the expense, because let’s be honest, the life of a homeowner is not a cheap one. However, it’s sometimes worth spending money to save money. If you are tired of those blasted household bills impacting your bank account each month, here are some home improvements that are guaranteed to give you long term savings.

#1: Insulate or repair your home

Is your home colder than it should be? Are you constantly having to turn up your heating system to the max? If so, cut down your energy bills by making repairs, or by insulating your home. Considering we lose a lot of heat through the roof in our homes, you might want to insulate your loft and roof if you can afford the expense, or at the very least, contact a residential roof repair service if you have any loose or missing tiles. Going from the top of your home to the bottom, you might also want to pay for underfloor heating, as 10% of heat is often lost through the flooring. Failing that, consider filling in any gaps, or replace wooden flooring with carpet, to help you keep in as much heat as possible. Finally, consider your windows. If you have single-paned windows, consider replacing them with something double or triple-glazed, and if the woodwork is worn, replace the frames, or use caulk to seal any gaps that are bringing draughts into your home.

#2: Make smart choices


And by smart, we are, of course, referring to smart technology. For example, you might want to invest in a smart thermostat to help you monitor how much energy you are using at home. You can then make lifestyle changes if you notice you are using too much. Another useful energy-saver is a smart plug, which will turn off specific appliances such as your television and cable box for you when left in standby mode for a long period of time, although you can also use your smartphone to manage your appliances yourself. And there are other smart technologies available, including light bulbs, security cameras, and sprinkler systems, which, despite the expense, will ultimately help you to make savings at home.

#3: Install a home security system

When you’re thinking about home upgrades, this is probably the last thing you consider when looking for ways to save money. However, having a home security system installed will lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%, so the purchase and installation costs are definitely worth it. Not only that, of course, as you will protect your home and assets too, so you also are reducing the risk of financial damage through burglary and vandalism.


To save money at home you sometimes need to spend money, so consider the home improvement ideas we have listed today. By following our suggestions, you will reduce both your energy bills and the cost of your home’s insurance, so despite the initial expense of any home improvement, those long term savings are guaranteed.

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