When it comes to working hard, you need to focus. We all know this. We know when we’re productive, and when we’re not. But overall, doing well in a career isn’t simply the decision you make in that moment to work hard. The ability to apply yourself is dictated by a range of different circumstances, some of them at the workplace, but most of them in your personal life. Your work life is unlikely to impede your personal life unless you have an insane amount of working hours such as a Doctor or Lawyer or even Chef, or if you’re being stretched to the limit. In other words, mostly work life impeding home life is a matter of burnout, or social conflict which could and should be directed to HR as soon as possible. This isn’t to say that this cannot happen, but work affecting home life is less likely than the alternative.

Boy, the alternative. Your personal life can really impede your professional development and general candor at work if you’re not careful to resolve or prevent those problems from occurring. If you’re struggling to achieve this, consider our advice:


We’re all familiar with how relationships can be rocky, and change status quite often. Of course, this isn’t a post about relationship advice, so we’re not here to assess if you’re in a toxic coupling or not. That is for you to decide. However, if you find that it is sufficiently chaotic to affect your work, that your other half might introduce themselves unannounced during the day, or that you find yourself unable to focus or take care of overtime because they are worried about where you after the office finishes, you should consider how your relationship might be affecting your work and take solid action to resolve it.

It might also be that you are entering a new form of relationship category, which can happen if marrying or becoming pregnant, and sometimes both! In these instances, being forthright with your boss and lessening your working requirements until the most pressing life events are dealt with can be instructive to you as someone trying to better themselves.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is something you should care for. If you’re not budgeting your monthly pay dates correctly, it can often be that for the last week of the month, you are without the proper funding to live your life sufficiently. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, so a little extra planning could truly help you. It could be that your financial stability is impeded by potential worries stemming from your home, and reading this Lemonade insurance review might help you gain peace of mind from covering your valuables. Financial stability truly matters, so be sure to take care of it as you can.


Take care of your health. Treat yourself as if you were someone you cared deeply about. Get enough sleep, eat well, and drink plenty of water. Exercise and meditate. You are the main asset in your career, and you deserve to treat yourself as such. Don’t forget to pay special attention to other aspects of your health too, such as your hearing and eyesight. These are things that we take for granted every day, but without them you wouldn’t be able to carry out your work in the same way. Research how to buy glasses online and you could significantly improve your eyesight and find your work much easier.

Aggie Aviso