Traditionally summertime is filled with lots of fun outdoor activities, many of them taking place in the garden. Although, the ability to enjoy our outside space can feel severely limited if the summer weather doesn’t quite live up to our expectations. Fortunately, there are some smart ways to continue to spend pleasurable time outdoors even if the summer weather isn’t perfect. Keep reading to find out more. 

Created a sheltered area 

First of all, to enjoy spending time in your garden no matter what the weather is doing it’s vital to create a sheltered area. Then you will be protected from the wind and rain at all times. The good news is making such an area isn’t as tough as it first seems. Indeed, most people begin with a simple deck or patio and add a covering such as a trellis, veranda, or roof to this. 

Of course, it can help to have protection against the weather around at least some of the sides of your shelter too. In particular, glass or clear plastic barriers can help keep the occupants dry and warm while not locking the beautiful views of the garden. However, unless you are building a sunroom, it’s best to leave at least 2 sides open to get a nice breeze and balance it with the space. 

Picture sourced at Pixabay – License CC0

Pick out water resistance furniture 

Next, to properly enjoy your garden in all weathers it’s vital that you have seating and furniture that is water-resistant. There are two advantages to water restaurant furniture – the first is that you know it won’t be ruined if it does happen to be caught in a shower. Secondly, it’s much easier to wipe down any water to ensure the pieces are dry and usable. 

With that in mind, look for oiled or waxed fabrics, as well as furniture made from good quality, treated wood, and metal. Although, remember that even such pieces will need to be put into storage during the winter to keep them in the best condition. 

Add heat sources 

Often, it’s not the rain that keeps us from using our gardens but the temperature. Indeed, there tend to be many days and evenings where it’s dry and bright, but it feels to spend any significant time out of doors. 

The good news is this is an issue that’s pretty easy to resolve with items such as a fire pit or an outdoor heater. Of course, when investing in such a device you will also want to schedule regular propane delivery to ensure you have plenty of fuel to use throughout the year. Add some fleece blankets to a basket near the door too and you will find you can stay pretty cozy and comfy outside no matter what the temperature. 

Use plants that aren’t dependent on strong sunlight 

Last, of all, it can be hard to enjoy your garden when it’s not looking its best. To that end, it’s a smart idea to plan your garden around plants that don’t require lots of strong sunlight like English Ivy or ones that don’t mind plenty of rain like Hydrangeas. You can even add additional garden features like rock monoliths, fountains, and statues that will look good no matter what the weather. 

Aggie Aviso