Katie Pertiet set a project for herself and made it into a challenge over at Designer Digitals, that is to document a decade. At first thought, I was thinking it is going to e harder to accomplish than losing weight with the help of weight loss pills. But I soon realized that thanks to the internet, anything is possible these days! Research can be done in a matter of minutes, and pictures pre-digital era can be scanned.

She has also provided great templates to make it easier for everyone. I am not sure if I can do it, but I will be gathering information as the year goes by. Read all about it here:

Each week will be a new year, making the project a little less overwhelming. And I’ll actually be including 11 years starting with 2000 and ending with 2010. Considering my year in review books are 20 pages, compacting one full year into 2 pages was just too much for me so I’ve made it 4 pages so most things could be included. In the store you can pick up one or both templates, depending on what works for you. And years can be added or removed so you can mix and match to your hearts content. Each week new sets will be available until the book is complete! So, you in?


Aggie Aviso