There are so many posts on how to make your house a home and the like, but when it comes to designing a house that is not just a nice space, but a place that really aids relaxation, how can this be done? While you can always benefit from putting your own stamp on your property, if you have a busy life you need to think about how to create certain parts of your home that really aid relaxation. And no doubt you have thought about the simple home comforts that you love, and will make you feel more at home. But what are the key areas you need to think about to make your home a proper place for calm?

Space Is The Key

For a space to live in that you can feel truly relaxed and at home, you need to avoid clutter at all costs. This means creating as much space as possible in every room in the house. The best way to do this is to declutter before you start moving in your furniture. If you have rooms that are small, which is usually one of the bedrooms, the bathroom and maybe a spare room if you are lucky; it can be quite a challenge. But if you make the most of the corners to store prominent focal points, such as cupboards, this is making the most of the space. Even in the bathroom, you could make the most of freestanding tubs that stand on their own, and the great thing about these is that they can be moved anywhere in the bathroom. So with something that does take up a lot of space, as a bathtub does, you are able to make sure it fits in the space without compromising comfort.

Picking Relaxing Colors

This has more of an influence than you realize! If you have harsh colors like red or browns, it can easily absorb the atmosphere of the room. So in this respect, you need to make sure that the colors you pick are light and not too harsh. It also depends on the rooms of the house, for your bedroom, you don’t want to go for stimulating colors, like dark yellows, as this is the place for you to get quality sleep, everything needs to be as neutral as possible. If you’re not sure what to go for, then you should aim for tranquil colors, like blues, greys, or even beige.

Let The Light In

If your home is seriously lacking in natural light, you will feel the effects of darkness on your mood. So you need to look at if you have thick curtains in certain rooms that could benefit with a lot more light throughout the day. Another trick that people use is to hang up mirrors in rooms that don’t get much light, the reflections will help to bring more natural light in, and if you hang a mirror in a certain way, it makes the room look bigger, for example, at the end of a hallway. If you’re able to do so, installing dimmer switches is a perfect way to limit the amount of harsh light in your home. Bright LED bulbs may be cheap, but they can have an imposing effect on our living space, a dimmer switch sets this right.

Comforting Decorations

Yes, you want your house to feel like home, so the best way to do this is to create a sense of unity with the furniture. Rugs, throws, pillows, these all add a nice relaxing angle to your bigger rooms. A well-placed rug will really tie the room together, and if you’ve got hardwood floors, these soft materials will make any room look a lot calmer.

Organization Is Key

While a cluttered home will make for a cluttered mind, by grouping specific items together, such as in the kitchen, it will make for a calmer space. Especially in the kitchen, you may want to set up a specific area for eating, away from the cooking area so you can enjoy a meal in something like a breakfast bar, or a nice dining table. Also, we are all guilty of not cleaning our kitchen cupboards as thoroughly as we should, as we always find items past their sell-by date!

Your home needs to be the place that you go to at the end of a busy day and relax. So try a few of these out and think about the benefits of your home and what it can do for your frame of mind.

Aggie Aviso