Hello November (and hello blog)! It’s been a long hiatus and everyday I start with an intention to make time and fail. Now, I am sitting here, writing instead of tinkering with my phone. It’s hard to get back into the game so let’s start with the currently list, just because it’s easy.

Listening to Adele’s Hello on repeat. Because of her new album I’ve also uncovered her past albums, 19 and 21. On repeat as well.

Watching My life has been all about watching TV these days. I am quite ashamed to list down ALL the ones I’ve been watching because you might think I don’t do anything anymore but watch TV. BUT I still work and have a (semi-hermit) life. So….I’ve been obsessed with Aldub since August (who isn’t?). I’ve watched every episode (whether live or replay) and yes, contributed to the trending Twitter hashtags too. After the Tamang Panahon, things have (thankfully) plateau-ed (I might not be able to sustain my workload if I continue watching every afternoon!) so I have been less active in my “stalking”.

I’ve also gone back to watching to K-dramas, and Martha and I have finished two in a month: You Who Came From the Stars (My Love From Another Star) and Oh My Ghostess. Loved these series. Worth wasting time watching.

And finally, my fall TV series is back! Shondaland’s TGIT is better than ever: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I am in love with Grey’s more now than ever. It feels like Meredith is rising strong, and everybody gets a good storyline. I also adore Maggie Pearce and well, I’ve invested years of my life watching Grey’s Anatomy. I guess I will continue watching until they drop the curtains!

Reading If I have been busy watching, it only means one thing: my reading has been suffering. I have not read anything ever since…..ummm….see? I even forgot when. I am still in the middle of dissecting Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly book, and I need to step up and finish since she has a new one out called Rising Strong.

Eating Bibimbap. It’s the only time my kids eat that much veggies so I try to cook it once every two weeks. They haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

Drinking Infused water: Lemon, cucumber and honey. It is good to debloat and silence my sweet cravings.

Wearing All-Black ensemble: blank tank top, black leggings and black underthings.

Feeling A bit stressed out with some personal family issues. Have you ever felt underwhelmed and overwhelmed at the same time? And that you feel powerless to change something, and feel sad that you don’t know what can make it right that all you do is pray? And hope. And try to believe and have faith?

Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling right now.

I am also feeling mighty thankful for my children. They are growing up to be well-rounded kids that still listen to their mommah (They are 15 and 9, age of tweeners and teens, age of I-aint-friends-with-my-parents. But thankfully, they still talk to me, prefer to go out with me and listen to me, even if they grumble and talk back sometimes).

I am also feeling like an orphan. My dad’s gone (it’s been two years, and it’s still as fresh as yesterday) and my mom’s in another country. It seems like I am forced to grow up and act like an adult. (I’m 34, I know, but all these big decisions are hard for me to decide on!)

Lastly, I feel – I miss my husband. We have been living the OFW life for a few months now and though technology makes it easier for me to stay in touch, it is still not the same as being together. We make do with what we have and trust that this is all in God’s Plan, and continue to pray for guidance. We just need to have a plan, and work together.

Wanting Peace of mind. That’s on top of my wishlist this Christmas. I also want to fly to Edil somehow, someway, someday (please make it within the the next three months). I also want to give the kids a happy Christmas.

Needing To start exercising again. 10k steps a day – let’s do this! I also need to focus on work-related tasks and show my clients I can deliver. I’ve been experiencing some backlog issues with some of them ever since I watched too much TV (guilty!).

Enjoying The WEATHER!!!! The weather has turned cold in the mountains and it has been a joy (and a challenge) to wake up each morning needing to turn off the fan because it’s too cold. This also means that it’s Starbucks Red Cups Season! Peppermint Hot Mocha, please!

Wondering How to accomplish my goals by the end of December. It’s not that much, just a few personal goals that I want to get done by the end of the year.

Lastly, I tweeted this a few days ago —


This post  is inspired by Ali Edwards’ 13 Everyday Journaling prompts, designed to help us memory keepers document more of what’s real and what makes up our everyday.

Aggie Aviso