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When it comes to changing aspects of your home, value is the overriding goal. Adding value to your home, either when the time comes to sell up to downsize, or making sure that your property is as lucrative as possible, can mean a lot of investment on your part. It’s important to remember that when you are trying to maximize the potential of your property, curb appeal is something that shouldn’t be neglected. There are so many aspects to curb appeal, but, essentially, when you are selling up, you need people to be intrigued as soon as they see your home from the outside. There are many ways to implement this, but you need to make sure that what’s inside your home is as good as the image you present. So, what are the best things to focus on?

The Kitchen

Probably the most important room in the house these days is the kitchen, for us and for potential buyers. This is why you need to take the opportunity to renovate your kitchen, not necessarily to make it modern, but to make it practical. It’s very easy to renovate the kitchen because the room consists of bulky features. By changing these features, you can get a completely new look. What’s great is that you don’t have to put yourself in debt to renovate the kitchen. All you would need to do is to repaint the worktops and cabinets, and jazz up the old accessories, such as the handles. Don’t forget to focus on the lighting, because if you take the time to renovate the kitchen to make it more practical, such as by adding an island, if the lighting doesn’t add to the comfort aesthetic, potential buyers will zone in on this.

The Bathroom

After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most important room. When you are looking at starting again with your bathroom, do you actually need to rip it all up and start again? It’s always worth looking at a bathroom remodeling guide just to get a true representation of what it takes, and how much it can cost. If you have more than one bathroom, this will add a lot of functionality, and therefore value, to the home. So you might want to consider if you’ve only got one bathroom, adding another one. If there is no room for a full bathroom, can you convert an area into a wet room, or a guest toilet? And while a bedroom is one of the deal makers for any potential buyer, if that bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, it may very well be the thing to clinch it.

The Garden

So many of the house selling guides will tell you not to put too much of your personality into the house, especially when you are selling up. This means being very vanilla when it comes to the interior colors, but one of the places you can really show off a colorful home is the garden. Many people look for a house with a garden because they’ve either been renting apartments their entire life and are finally looking to make the suburban move, or are looking to go green-fingered. Either way, a well-maintained garden can certainly be very appealing to the average home buyer. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, especially if you are considering planting roses and very exotic flowers, but rather go for flowers and plants that add a lot of color to the space. If you can turn your garden into a place that takes the viewer away from the fact that they’re in a built-up city area, and have moved into nature, you’ve done your job.

The Parking Situation

Last, but not least, if there is the space to park a car in front of your home, it can add up to 15% to the value of the property. And depending on where you live, the hoops you have to jump through in order to get a parking permit for the outside your home can be very frustrating. If you have a garage, or you have the space to build a driveway, it’s certainly worth your time to acquire planning permission. One of the main things when it comes to curb appeal is if the buyer can picture themselves living at the property, and this begins with their car parked in the driveway. It’s a little thing, but if someone is coming to view the property, leave your driveway empty! You absolutely deserve to have a driveway that looks good, and sometimes that means hiring the experts in to do the pavers for you. If you know that you have the best paving for your driveway, you know that it’s going to look fantastic! Curb appeal really does matter and people walking past your home are going to make snap judgements about the way that your home looks. The right driveway design will help them to make the right decisions about whether your home is worth their time and money!

Your property should naturally accrue value as the years go by, but sometimes we don’t take advantage of what we can get for our home when we do finally sell it off. It’s important to think about curb appeal, but it’s not just about the exterior of the property, think about the inside too.

Aggie Aviso