Creative Projects 2012

Here we go!
As part of my challenge to myself (and to be accountable too and maybe inspire whoever reads this blog), I told myself I’d share creative projects I do as part of the 12 in 12 goal post I shared before.

My first project is to (finally) complete my Instagram 2011 album. Instagram has been a HUGE part in my memory-keeping process. In 2011 alone, I already have more than a thousand pictures taken in almost 11 months (I started late January) and knew I wanted to have these little pictures documented in a stand alone album.

Easier said than done when I had a thousand pictures with text to incorporate.So I just used a template and had it uniformed all throughout. Halfway through the album-making, I was suffering from over-scrapbooking and just wanted to stop AND/OR use another template/kit. I decided to stick with it, knowing it would be nicer in fine print if I keep it consistent.

I am now in August 2011, with 66 pages ready for uploading. I figured if I do at least 10 pages or 5 spreads a day (more or less takes 2 hrs) I’d be done in a week or two.

Here is an example page:
Instagram Album Page Example

An example spread:

I downloaded all my Instagram photos at Instaport.me. I copy and paste captions from Ink361.com. Word of the wise though: If you intend to do this project, have it uploaded – pic + caption, properly archived – in Flickr or a photo service so you can copy and paste everything easier.

Materials Used:
(all from Designer Digitals)
Cathy Zielske’s Layered Template No. 087
Andrea Victoria Pina Paper Pack

**I print albums using Artscow (they give free books all the time and I am not picky regarding the quality – 90 out of 100 projects have turned up so nice – so I will continue using the service.

I will let you know once this project is done! Now, I need to look for medicines for the family – would this link: http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-phentermine.aspx work?

Aggie Aviso