Creative Projects
I am finally done with my Instagram Album! I have talked about the process in my original post, now I am just going to share the final product with you all.

My Title Page:
You might remember this page I made last year – fitting for it to be a cover page 🙂

My Back Cover:
I find it fitting to use that quote because the whole album is made of tiny stories of our everyday.

A Sample Page:

If you want to see the whole book, you can view it here:

As this is done through Artscow, you would need to install Microsoft Silverlight to be able to view the album.

Thoughts on the process:
1. This my first album that has 100 pages. With a project this huge, it can get boring especially since I used one template all throughout and basically just copied and pasted. But consistency is the key!
2. If I will do another Instagram album in the future, I’d do a similar one like Elise Baha did with hers. I’d love to try writing all over an album I’ve made. I think that would be totally cool 🙂
3. Since I made this around November last year, stopped after a month, resumed on March, stopped and finished the rest of the 50% around this month, I got to look at the life we had last year with new ones. I realized there are patterns I should have seen coming already. And this particular quote resonates with me, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

On to my next creative adventure!

Aggie Aviso