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I have one more week until I begin another creative project, but I’m halfway through it! I just have to pace myself and focus on other stuff so I won’t go off balance again but yes, I am done with my creative project this month!

You can read all about my album in process here.

Supplies Used:
Anna Aspnes MultiFoto Template Album 1 & 2
KCB Deck The Halls Collection (seriously love this – I use it everytime for my Christmas pages)

This album was a bit big for a seasonal album – 80 pages in all. I started in October and covered Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Again, this was more a photo-focused album than a words+photos project. I think I will have to make sure I get that project up next.

Here are a couple of my favorite pages:

Thoughts on making Christmas albums:
1. A process of documentation/memory keeping is needed as holidays are insane and a very busy season.
2. I personally would advise that before the holidays start, you get a vision of what your album looks like (or what you want it to look like) so you become aware of shots you want to take to attain that.
3. As long as you organize pictures + memories on that season, you can do it on July or even 4 years later (like me!).

That page goes down as a Christmas Classic shot in our family 🙂

And here is a peek of the album – due to people seen in the album I would not be able to share the whole album (sorry).

As usual, I use Artscow for printing my albums!

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