Creative Project by aggietha

I had time to finish another book before August ended! It really helps a lot to have the photos organized already (I have this organized for two years now, never really got around to finishing it) so all I did was just choose a template. Biograffiti’s Focus Template Album was my choice, and if you ever get to shopping around for templates, she currently has an offer to buy her whole store for $25. (It’s a GREAT deal – I already have used her other album for our Guangzhou album).

My goal is to really finish holiday albums before December of this year and so far I only have 2011 left. (Insert CLAP here!) I am going to slow down with albums after that because I have two other writing projects (which can become albums too) that I plan to do before 2012 ends.

My plan is to share my album-making process soon. I also realized that when making holiday albums that 1) you don’t need many Christmas kits – I realized I tended to stick to the same kits over and over again (KCB’s Christmas kits at SSD primarily) and 2) writing memories/blogging/documenting it right after it happened is way better than just trying to remember 🙂

A sample of the pages I’ve made:

You can view my album here.

Aggie Aviso