We all need to sleep. While it’s still something of a mystery exactly what happens when we sleep and why we need it, we do know that it’s not healthy to go too long without it. When you have a family, making sure that everyone gets enough sleep can be difficult, especially when you have young children. To create healthy sleep routines, you should do a few things.

Give Everyone a Bedtime Routine

Everyone in your family should have a good bedtime routine. If you have multiple children, it’s easy to stagger everyone’s bedtimes so they go to bed at appropriate times. Even the adults can benefit from having a set routine that helps you wind down before bed. A good routine can create better sleep.

Know How Much Sleep Everyone Needs

People need different amounts of sleep at different ages. Babies need the most sleep, and children will need a little less as they get older. Adults generally require about 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night. However, as you get older, you can also find that you start sleeping less or waking up earlier.

Prioritize Sleep for Children

Everyone should be able to get enough sleep, but it’s more important for children than anyone else. It keeps them healthy and ensures they have enough energy during the day. Teenagers need to get plenty of sleep too, so don’t let them get away with staying up all night. Be sure that everyone in your family is getting plenty of sleep.

Infographic Design By Regis College
Aggie Aviso