A contemporary and modern design of a bedroom is a chance to fit your chic style, with practical designs that make a room livable. When remodelling your home, modern rooms tends to follow a strict style format because overall, the narrative is to make as much space available for the homeowner. Consequently, some of the magic of design and style gets lost in the pursuit of pragmatism. It can seem very dark and cold, but if you blend in a little contemporary art style in the form of the decor, you can balance out the harshness. Essentially, you’re heading for a create showdown between, straight edges, that maximize space, and curves and twists, which celebrate style over practicality. The real challenge for the designer comes when you try to contrast the colors because although they have a different ethos, the color palette is surprisingly similar. The contemporary decor has no problem switching back and forth between dark and light, but modern styles, tend to be either neutral or dark. There are so many variations you can explore.

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Chic walls

The walls of your bedroom are extremely important because, they have the most surface area, on which you can express your style. The design will have the most impact on your character because you’ll be exposed to it more often than the decor itself. If you’re more in favor of the modern style, a deep, bold, single-tone color would be the best option. Grays are very popular in this form, so mix charcoal black, with a light pink, or perhaps are pale white to get a lighter color. The irony in mixing the two styles is, that the contemporary walls use the same color scheme, but like to add unique patterns and shapes. Triangles and half circles are a great addition, which when spread out, and painted in a contrasting color to the background, punch out and grab your attention.

Bolder beds

The bed is the most important furniture in the room after all the space was named after it. The modern style demands that you use bold colors and materials which have subtle, pragmatism to them. No better function exists than, supple, smooth Egyptian cotton, so swap your current set for something like cal king sheet sets. The real-world value of such sheets is that they are a great choice for people with sensitive skin, and have an 1800 thread count, making them strong, yet smooth to the touch. The contemporary style is to put style moreso, over the function of the duvet, pillows, etc. How about a circular pillow instead of a rectangle? Also, a little smaller than the traditional pillow, the actual wear is more even spread, because the stuffing revolves around, and doesn’t bunch up like a normal pillow.

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A bedside drawer is something all bedrooms should have. The modern variation would be for a straight-edge design, with the sole aim of maximizing the internal storage capacity. The color again would be something bold, and perhaps, purposefully dull. A sheet black or pale white are the two most obvious choices. For the contemporary style, the celebration of carpentry still lives on. Dark brown hardwood, with carvings of flowers, vines, symmetrical shapes, parallel lines and jewel-like designs would make for a stunning furnishing to wake up to every morning.

Aggie Aviso