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Winter can sometimes feel like it’s dragging on for years, not months. While the days are getting longer, they’re not getting any warmer, and it’s still damp, dark, and all in all, not very pleasant. Short of making a den in your living room, and hibernating for the foreseeable future, it can seem like we don’t have many options for getting through the last few cold months. We’re reticent to make any major changes to our homes to up the cozy factor because we’re so eternally optimistic that spring is just around the corner, and that the cozy changes will be obsolete in a few days. With that in mind, why not make a few choice, small changes that are either still great when spring rolls around, or are easily packed away until next winter takes its hold? Here are a few ideas for making your home super cozy, without it going out of style in only three months.

Supersize your sofa

An extra deep and gigantic sofa with huge soft cushions is great for entertaining guests throughout the year, but also particularly amazing for snuggly naps in the colder months. Be mindful of the space you have available – don’t cram a huge sofa in that overwhelms the room, but try to go for the biggest you can – comfort is the first step towards coziness.

Create layers

Layering fabrics and textures feels a whole lot more homely than the barren, minimalist style that some prefer. Rich fabrics are great sofa throws to add a bit of luxury to a room, and soft blankets and fluffy pillows add interest and warmth, while they can all be boxed away and stored for summer. It’s all about experimenting to see what works for your room. Lots of cushions and blankets take the room’s coziness to the next level, and make an evening in front of the television with a hot chocolate the ultimate in comfortable luxury.

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Embrace the country feel

The country cottage look is going to be huge in 2017, and it’s super cute as well. Is there anything prettier than vases of wildflowers, checkered patterns, and recycled wooden furniture? Bare wooden floors and rich rugs make a room feel cozy and warm, and it also gives you the license to make things a little bit mismatched so that you can prioritize comfort

Harness firepower

Is there anything more conducive to coziness than an open fire? If you don’t already have a fireplace in your living room, what are you waiting for? Next time you’re decorating your room, have an electric fireplace installed. It instantly brings a feeling of warmth and elegance to the room, and the flickering of the fire looks stunning in the dimmed light of the evening.

Go Danish

Ever heard of Hygge? It’s the future of coziness and contentedness, according to the Danes. It’s basically the immense feeling of happiness a person experiences when they make an everyday moment beautiful or special. With interior design, it’s taking the normal, run-of-the-mill aspects of the home, and making them charming and comforting, to bring a sense of happiness to an individual. So fill your room with things that make you happy. Maybe it’s cushions or blankets which feel nice against your skin, or artwork which speaks to you in some way.

The ultimate feelings of coziness come when your home is a place that makes you content, so that’s something crucial to strive for.

Aggie Aviso