Struggling to get a good night’s sleep is a surprisingly common problem, which is why it’s important that your bedroom is the ultimate place for relaxing in. When you walk into your bedroom, you should instantly feel relaxed and ready to unwind.

If your bedroom doesn’t have a relaxing atmosphere, it could be time to transform it, creating a more zen space. Something that surprisingly, is much easier to do than you would think. Believe it or not, creating a more relaxing sleep space only takes five simple steps.

For all the best ways to create a more zen sleeping space, have a read of the four steps below.

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Step 1: Change the color of the walls

A simple way to create a more relaxing vibe in your bedroom is to change the color of the walls. If you’ve ever been to visit a spa, then you will know that most spas have natural-colored walls. The reason for this is simple – natural colors have been shown in social studies to be the most calming and tranquil, hence why spas use them. So, if you want to create a bedroom that’s more of a zen space, natural-colored walls are a must. The best natural hues to opt for tend to be moss green and seafoam blue, as these have been shown to be the most relaxing colors.

Step 2: Mix and match textures

Research has shown that rooms with a mixture of textures tend to have a more tranquil feel to them. This may partly be because the mixture of textures acts as a sensory space, making stress management easier. Combining textures like faux fur, fleece, and linen offer a simple way to create a bedroom that also acts as a sensory space, helping to calm and relax the mind.

Step 3: Update your bed

Every room should have a focal point, in the bedroom it’s the bed, or at least, it should be. If you want to ensure that your bedroom looks and feels relaxing and tranquil, it’s important that it’s as comfortable as possible – the more comfortable your bed is, the better. This means it needs to have quality bed linen – ideally white colored bedding, as white is an incredibly calming color. As well as updating the bedding, if your mattress is old and uncomfortable, update that too. You can’t relax and unwind in a bed that’s not comfortable, so if your mattress isn’t right, it’s best to get a new one. Now, for a zen space you don’t just want to pick any mattress, but a design that’s less toxic – yes, some mattresses are better for your health than others. Considering shopping for a less toxic memory foam mattress? Click Here. Just make sure that whatever mattress you get, that it’s comfortable and gives you the support that you need.

Step 4: Pick relaxing pieces of wall art

The pieces of art that you hang on your bedroom walls can impact the feel of the space. So, if your wall art isn’t tranquil and relaxing, then it could be time to swap it for something different. Take inspiration from the types of pieces that spas tend to display, as these are ideal for creating a tranquil environment.

See, creating a relaxing bedroom is much easier than you would think, it just takes a few small changes, that’s all.

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