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In the average life, education has a finite end point. After decades of study as a child, teenager, and adult, education can be considered to be complete. From this point of completion, an individual is expected to embark on their career and leave their time as a student in the rear view mirror.

For some people, however, the standard progress of education is insufficient. Sometimes, people embark on education with a career in mind, only to start that career and realize it isn’t for them. On other occasions, life just gets in the way. Family commitments and outside responsibilities require education to be curtailed prematurely. In these scenarios, people can often find themselves wondering – later in life – if a return to education is the right choice. If you are in the same situation, here are three points that could help shape your decision.

You’re far from alone

Sometimes, the idea of returning to education is so incredibly overwhelming that it feels like you must be the only person who is contemplating such a move – so you may find it beneficial to note that you’re far from alone. Every year, thousands of people decide to return to education, seeing it a way of strengthening their existing understanding of the world; from successful government experts such as Philip McTigue to celebrity favorites like America Ferrera, you can be sure that you’re in great company when you decide to go back to “school”.

There are ways and means of managing your schedule

One of, if not the biggest reason why people hesitate when considering a return to education is concern over the impact on their schedules. While it is impossible to simply say these concerns are unfounded, and that you will be able to juggle education and life with aplomb, there are methods available that will allow you to split your time between tasks.

Technology is arguably your greatest asset in achieving this goal. Online time management apps, bullet journals and the convenience of being able to study from anywhere you can find a WiFi connection can all combine to allow you to manage your time as effectively as possible.   

If you’re thinking about it, it’s probably the right choice

A simple point to finish – if you have found yourself constantly considering a return to education, or imagining how it might change your life, it’s fair to assume that at least part of your mind is already committed. This suggests that you have valid reasons for considering a return to education, and genuinely believe it will be beneficial for your future. While no-one should return to school on a whim, continued consideration of the same point is inherently valuable and suggests that there is at least some merit to the entire idea.

In conclusion

If you have been contemplating returning to education – either to help you find a new job or simply for the challenge and enjoyment of a subject – then the chances are such a decision will prove to be the right choice for you.

Aggie Aviso