Is there anyone harder to buy at Christmas for than those friends who have infinitely better taste than you? You know the ones I mean: those friends who wrap all their gifts in brown paper with red string, leaving your Santa wrapping paper looking a little too gaudy and glittery by its side; the friends who run galleries and talk about artistic concepts that you don’t quite understand and occasionally namedrop minor celebrities into conversation. Here are some tips and tricks about how to buy gifts for your loved ones whose interests are slightly different from your own…

Remember Less Is More

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If you’re looking for an elegant gift, then remember to get something that looks pared down. Clean lines are great, and remember to leave out the glitter and clichés – we don’t want any pictures with motivational quotes unless they’re ironic! If you want to buy jewelry, go with simple lines and nothing too complicated. People might like different coloured gemstones, but plain silver is popular with almost everyone.

Get Recommendations

If you want to get something that will mesh with their interests, write down a list of things they’re into like artists and pieces and exhibitions, and ask the shop assistant for recommendations. After all, that’s what they’re there for – and they’ll love getting to demonstrate their expertise! Alternatively, you could research it yourself. If your friend loves one Impressionist painter and has a number of books on them, consider getting a book on another one to introduce your friend to their work too! Check out sites like https://www.1st-art-gallery.com/ if you’re thinking of buying some artwork for your friend.

Go For A Gift Card

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Remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a gift card. You might think they’re impersonal, but there’s actually nothing more personal than allowing someone to select their own gift. It’s much more fun choosing something you actually like than having to pretend to like a good friend’s gift out of obligation! Alternatively, you could get a gallery pass for your friend or maybe concert tickets.

Go For Dinner Together

Shared experiences are absolutely more valuable than possessions. The memories that you make together will always be more treasured than the trinkets you give each other. Make a voucher to promise to take your friend out for dinner and maybe a movie too, or whatever you like to do when you spend time with each other. Even if your interests aren’t the same, you’ll have plenty to talk about as you spend the evening catching up! You could even put in a coupon to say that you’ll pay for your friend’s babysitting that night so you’re really treating them.

Share Your Interests With Them

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Even if you aren’t into art, you might be into something else that your friend has experienced an interest in knowing about. Take them out to see a stand up comedian that they might like, or maybe to the opera, ballet or theatre. If your friend loves art, chances are they’ll also love to broaden their horizons and learn about something new.


Aggie Aviso