When you are a scrapper, you would hear this phrase – “Christmas in July” all the time. It means that you can either finish your holiday album last year or get ready for Christmas this year, especially if you love to give out handmade (scrapbook-made) gifts and books. And I am proud I was able to accomplish one thing – finish our Christmas 2010 Album! That last time I was able to complete something like this was way back in 2007 and God knows I had good intentions in documenting those from 2008 and 2009 (eventually). Even the holiday cards made from last year have not been sent (it’s one of my traditions unfortunately).

Here is the finished product (thankfully I have artscow codes!)

My most favorite spreads:



What made this easier is the fact that ALL holiday-related kits + templates + elements/brushes are in a folder ever since in my hard drive. I am pretty organized with my pictures so it was easier to pick (I delete a lot when doing the album). All of these are a mish-mash of stuff from Designer Digitals and Sweet Shoppe Designs + One Little Bird Designs.

Aggie Aviso