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When it comes to our living rooms, we tend to live in them as hard as we can. That is what they are there for. They are there to be lived in and lived in they will be. Relaxing as a family, entertaining guests, curling up with a book, just about everything you can think of – including the occasional dinner-in-front-of-a-movie – we do in our living rooms. Which begs the question, why have we not spruced this space up a little?

Well, the answer is most likely going to be, ahem, cost. Of course, it is. Sprucing up our homes costs money and so we live in rooms with decor that we are sick and tired of. That is why we have come up with some genius ways of reinventing your surroundings one room at a time, starting with your living room, and we’re doing so in a seriously cost-friendly manner. You. Are. Welcome.

Shop Around Your Home

Yes, you read that absolutely right. Instead of getting in your car, heading to the store and scanning the aisles for things that could work, another great way to overhaul your living room is to look around your home and use items from other rooms. It could be that ottoman from your bedroom completely changes the vibe, or that old mirror in your attic storage does wonders for the light.

Plants Are Perfect

One of the reasons your living room may seem a bit tired and a bit flat is because there is nothing that breathes life into it, literally. That is where a little bit of easy to maintain greenery can really liven up your number one room. It could even be that someone in your family, or one of your friends, or even a neighbour, has a plant they can divide for you. Then just choose a vase that will add to the surroundings and, voila, new lease of life.

Furniture Deals

The big and bulky furniture that sits proudly – or not so proudly – in our living rooms tends to make the biggest impression on our living room. Not in a good way either. Yes, it could be time to upgrade to something a little more dazzling. The best way to do this is to sell the bits you don’t like and then rent furniture you like. That way you’re not spending three months wages on a place to put your feet up. It could also be that freecycle has something you like or at least something you can work with.

Beautiful Books

Whether you read or not, you can’t deny that books hold a sort of beauty that you can’t buy in any other form. So why not start utilising these more in your living room by having them on display and close at hand. It could be you make a little end table display that adds another element to your surrounds. You could even put a few bookcases up and make a little feature alcove in the corner. By adding books, you are adding a bit of class, colour, sophistication and a neat little space filler that can cost as little as nothing.

Aggie Aviso