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Being a mother means you have to be good at all sorts of things. Nine months before they are born, you are caring for your child, and in the first few years of their life, you are everything to them. You are responsible for ensuring that they have enough to eat and that they are warm enough. There is then all of the emotional support that they need. The Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud described a moment that happens to all children when they realize that they are a separate entity. It is a form of separation anxiety, and it is important because it is a sort of existential crisis in so far as the child acknowledges that they are corporeally alone. The thoughts that they have and the emotions that they feel are theirs and there is nothing that can excuse them the responsibility of being themselves. While it may sound rather ironic, people have no choice but to have free will. It is an awesome realization that some people find difficult to bear.

In any case, a mother is there for their children whenever they need something. This can include when they are injured. It is a fact of life that children will get scrapes and bruises. It happens while they are playing and exploring, and still learning how to go about being in the world. It is even quite common for young people to break their arms or legs. In that event, you should try to prevent swelling. Ice is a good way of doing this. Otherwise, just ensure that they move as little as possible and that they never bear any weight on the broken limb. Call for emergency medical assistance. The doctors will take care of the rest, including taking an X-ray and fitting a cast. In terms of recovery, the cast should be kept dry and should be elevated as much as possible (which helps to prevent any more swelling). Since the limb is going to be so inactive, there are some exercises that you can do with your child to prevent their arm or leg from becoming stiff.

While it may seem that being a mother means that you have to do all sorts of jobs, being a nurse is another of them (if you want to look the part too, you can browse Uniforms and Scrubs for products). However, broken limbs are not the only thing that you should be prepared for. Having a medical kit at home is a good idea. If your child is burnt or scalded, there are of course different degrees. First degree burns are serious but only involve the first lay of skin. Third-degree burns involve the skin and underlying tissue. In that event, they should see a doctor immediately, however, with less dangerous incidents, make sure to run cold water over the affected area. Keep a wet cloth on the burn but no dot apply ice as this could aggravate the area. Cover the burn with a plaster or gauze and check on it over the following days. However, to prevent these things from happening, you should consider some anti-scald safety devices.  

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