What’s not to love about children- they’re lively and fun, there’s never a dull moment when they’re around. They represent a future workforce of doctors and nurses, police workers, solicitors, journalists, and so much more which is so interesting if you sit and think about it. If you want to help to shape the future of these people while genuinely doing good then here are some careers for you to consider.

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If you love working with kids, or with people specifically then healthcare is a great career choice. And there’s so many routes you could go down with it. You could become a neonatal nurse, a midwife or even a family practitioner by doing a family nursing program online. There has been more research into mental health when it comes to children, meaning there’s now more demand for counsellors and mental health workers who are specifically trained to deal with children and teens. You could work on a children’s ward in a hospital, or out in the community. Have a think about where your passions lie. Do you want to do a nursing role, or are you prepared to study for longer and become a doctor or surgeon? Do you want to work in mental health, as a GP or something else entirely? Working with sick children is a difficult role, and it isn’t a job that would suit everyone. The nature of it means that you will deal with serious issues and even death in some cases. But it can be so rewarding too, you can improve the lives and health of little ones which can in turn shape who they are as a person and change their entire outlook.


Another extremely rewarding career is teaching- passing on knowledge to the next generation genuinely shapes lives. Most of us remember an amazing teacher at school, someone that believed in us, gave great advice and made us feel as though we could conquer anything. You could be that person for a child. If you already have a degree, there’s not too much more training involved to become a teacher and it can usually be completed in around a year. If you’re a graduate wondering what to do next and have always loved kids, or you want to take your career in a new direction this could be a great one to consider.

Extra Curricular

You don’t necessarily need lots of qualifications or years of experience to work with kids. If you have a passion in what you do, is this something that could be taught to children? Perhaps you could be a sports coach, or you could become a private tutor. You don’t need specific qualifications to do this, just a strong subject knowledge. It could be music, art, baking or anything else you enjoy. Set up as a private tutor, or start a weekly class that children can attend. To do this you’ll need to hire premises, get the right insurances and get yourself a DBS check.

Aggie Aviso

Aggie Aviso describes herself as her family’s storyteller and memory keeper. A mom to two kids ages 14 and 8, she is certainly past the age of sleepless nights and adorable pigtails. However, motherhood stays exciting, more meaningful and yes, more challenging. She takes it all in stride, knowing fully well that moments pass by in a blink of an eye. As Gretchen Rubin famously said, “The days are long, but the years are short.” She has discovered how wonderful it is to have those fleeting moments in time documented in their family books and has made it her personal mission and passion to be able to tell their stories for her future grandkids. You can read more about her here.. Subscribe to blog updates and the occasional letter here.