When it comes to jobs in sales, most of us hold some form of prejudice. After all, we’ve all had to deal with cold calls selling everything from PPI to double glazing. These are calls we don’t invite or want, and we don’t often have any time for the people on the other end.

It should come as no surprise, then, that many of us avoid call center and sales jobs like the plague. Despite promises of high pay brackets with commission, the idea just doesn’t sit. Blame those double glazing companies. Most of us, especially those with experience and education, don’t consider sales jobs.

In reality, though, sales are about more than cold calling uninterested punters. In fact, in some fields, this is a respected and necessary position. Rather than abuse and hang-ups, jobs like these could earn you significant money and gain real respect. In business, salespeople provide companies with everything from technology to computer systems. Even in agriculture, salespeople provide feed and supplies farmers desperately need. And, as can be seen from this list of agriculture jobs, most of them demand pretty high wages. Rather than being call center hacks, such individuals are considered serious business people. But, what’s behind this difference of opinion, and how can you achieve it?


In many ways, personability is the difference between a successful and scorned salesperson. If you’ve got this, you’ll find that many more people are willing to listen to what you offer. And, that alone can turn sales from a failing profession into a sustainable career. The key here is to listen to people so that they listen to you. During phone calls, ask questions before addressing what you’re really after. During these initial conversations, you can get clients on board and turn calls into sales no problem. As simple as that, your position will become a high paying career with gravitas, rather than a dead-end job.

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Knowledge of your products

A lot of success here also depends on your knowledge of the products you’re selling. Right or wrong, many call center and sales staff are treated as bottom of the ladder. These are faces for a company we assume don’t actually know much about what they’re selling. But, that’s just not the case, and if you can show that, you’re sure to see sales skyrocket. Those selling computer software, for instance, should use technical wording and offer demos. Those in agricultural sales need to know nutritional content and animal needs. This isn’t just a starter level job. These are roles which require extensive know-how which you need to ensure you have if you want to pull sales your way.

A reputation in the right places

As with anything, your business reputation also has real standing here. The problem with ‘cold calling’ a lot of the time is that’s it’s unsolicited. But, you can solve that problem by gaining recommendations before reaching out. A few trusted references in your field will give you gravitas and sales.

Aggie Aviso