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After a difficult 2020, the thought of building your dream home in 2021 is a major source of excitement. However, you must not allow the dream to turn into a nightmare.

Sadly, that will happen if you fall into the common pitfalls of first-time homeowners and first-time home builders alike. Watch out for the following issues, and you’ll have a far better chance of starting the new chapter in style.

1| Avoid Hidden Building Costs

When building a home, you need to know that the project will stay on budget. Even when you build your home for a fixed-price, you must be aware of the hidden costs that some contractors may charge. Otherwise, you could be left with an unfinished project. Sadly, that could force you to sell and downsize or live on a glorified building site. Neither of those options are ideal. Avoid them by keeping your finances under control. Aside from keeping the project on track, it’ll deliver peace of mind.

2| Prepare For Delays

New builds that are managed by you offer the chance to create a home to your spec. Meanwhile, they avoid the problems linked to long chains of buyers and sellers. Nonetheless, the project could be delayed for a whole host of reasons. Putting contingencies in place is vital. Self-storage can solve the dilemma surrounding your possessions, but you also need a place to live. Rolling monthly rentals may be possible, especially if you consider Airbnb. Or, you could ask a relative. 

3| Knowing The Neighbors

It’s likely that you researched the amenities and career prospects before starting the project. However, you also need to know your neighbors. They can make your introduction to the new area a whole lot easier by encouraging a sense of belonging. Meanwhile, they can boost your sense of security. On a side note, you may require their agreement for future property upgrades. So, starting the new relationships on a positive foot will serve you well. Overlook this at your peril.

4| Prepare For Moving Day

Moving day is immensely stressful if you’re not prepared. In most cases, it’s a good idea to use a professional moving company. They have the equipment and knowledge to complete the assignments quickly and without causing damage. In truth, the beauty of building your home is that you can probably start the process in the weeks leading up to the big day. Still, you will need to ensure that essentials like water, gas, electricity, and the internet are in place. From day one.

5| Maintain The Home

Creating your dream home is a major achievement. But true success comes from keeping it that way. There are plenty of appliances that allow you to stay on top of the cleaning duties with ease. Meanwhile, knowing how to keep the swimming pool in good health during its first year is vital too. Overlooking those issues in the early days will open the door to years of problems. Conversely, taking control of the situation in the early stages should boost your happiness and property value.

Aggie Aviso