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If your home is too dark but you don’t want to wire in new lights, you may still be able to brighten the place up. Several tricks can encourage more natural light to enter your home. Here are a few of those tricks.

Use mirror magic

Mirrors can be used to create all kinds of tricks around the home. They can not only make a small room appear bigger, but they can also help to let in more sunlight when placed opposite a window. This is useful for rooms with poky windows. If you don’t have the space on the wall, you may be able to use mirrored furniture options in some cases such as mirrored wardrobes and mirrored bathroom cabinets.

Avoid dark décor

Dark colours will absorb the light and not reflect it. White furniture is the best choice for brightening up the place. When it comes to natural wood tones, choose light woods like ash and maple over dark woods like mahogany and walnut.

Use glossy paints

High gloss paints are ideal for walls as they help to reflect light. If you’re thinking of painting furniture white, you may also be able to find a high gloss furniture paint. Glossy paints generally have the dual advantage of being easy to clean when it comes to scuff marks or liquid spillages.

Reflect on your flooring choice

Dark carpets could be making your home feel dimmer. White carpets will allow in more light, but are more difficult to maintain. Laminated wooden floors and polished ceramic are the best flooring solutions for letting in light due to being reflective and easy to clean. It’s possible to buy vinyl imitation flooring but this may not always be as reflective.

Get creative with chrome

Chrome steel is ideal for letting in light. Opting for a chrome steel tap could help to let more light into a kitchen. Also consider chrome steel drawer pulls and cupboard handles. Chrome steel can also be used in the bathroom for taps, toilet flushes and towel rails.

Remove window obstructions

It’s possible that items both inside and outside your home could be preventing sunlight getting in. Be wary of placing a wardrobe beside a window as it could be jutting out and blocking much of the light from getting into the room. Thick dark curtains may also be preventing light from getting in – it’s possible to buy light winter curtains that let in light whilst providing insulation against the cold. When it comes to outside obstructions consider high hedges or plants.

Upgrade your windows

If your property is cursed with tiny windows, it could be worth installing new bigger ones to let in more light. This is likely to be a big and expensive job, but it could the ultimate answer to brightening up your home. Favour large panels over lots of small panels with frames in between as these will let in more sunlight.

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