A job for many people is a means to an end, an opportunity to earn a wage to pay your bills and live your life. However, the problem is that many of you are stuck in a job you dislike and are bored with, and when you spend a huge chunk of your time there, it can be demoralising. Only a small percentage of the working population are lucky enough to do a job they love and feel passionate about. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is my guide to help you secure the career you want.

Figure out what you want to do with your life

It may seem like a simple request, but what do you want to do with your life? Do you know the type of career you would like? Have you always had a passion for a particular industry? The problem with so many of your working situations is that you tend to stick with the same job and industry you started out with when you left school or college. You have great intentions, and then you get used to that paycheck each month and before you know it years have passed. Take some time out to think about what job you would like, taking the plunge is always going to be a scary prospect, so it needs to be worth it.


Portray the best version of yourself on paper

When you know what you want to do, then you have to have that motivation to take the next step to getting that job. Applying for new roles isn’t a simple process. You need to have a fully up to date resume to ensure that you have outlined your experience and qualifications. A resume is also the perfect opportunity to express the qualities you have and why you would be good for the role. If you are struggling with creating an informative resume you can always look into resume services provider who will create a professional and eye-catching piece no potential employer could decline.

Get an interview and prepare

Once you have submitted your resume and secured yourself an interview, now is the time to begin your preparation. Research the company and the job role and try and prepare potential answers to questions you may face. Knowing the morals of the business and their brand will stand you in good stead during the interview process. It’s essential to consider how you present yourself for the interview as first impressions can count. If you want to practice why not ask a family member or friend to ask you some questions.

Consider your mindset

Finally, you may want to think about your mindset. Thinking negatively could have a detrimental effect on your chances. Make a noticeable effort to think positively, not only about yourself and your ability but also the future. You won’t believe the difference positive thinking can make to your life.

I hope this guide helps you secure the career you want for your future.


Aggie Aviso