December Stories: Day 1

There are traditional holiday starters I strive to do each year. And I haven’t been able to cross out anyone of them at all today. Was it a bad December 1st? Not at all. The fact that I’m here writing, it says a lot about how December 1st was.

The most wonderful time of the year begins.

I had big plans in starting this month with a bang – full with holiday-related activities for my youngest, planning Christmas traditions, scheduling events and dates, preparing Christmas photoshoot outfits and all the other crazy things you think of when it’s Christmas and you have discovered Pinterest – but guess what, today has been another ordinary day in the everyday life of Aggie.

5 Things that are Saving My Life Right Now

Since I loved this simple post for capturing what is my now these days, I figured I should do it again. To help keep me on my toes, I figured I’d do a theme edition every now and then, and this week I decided to focus on food.