Is It Essential?

Erin does it again.

I’ve often marvelled how she can be so eloquent and “spot on” with how she writes. In this age of social media where people just “scan” stuff (myself included), here she is, writing a ton and I’ll be drawn and glued to the words – drinking them in, absorbing them. I’ve always told friends I’d like to be her when I grow up, or I’d like to be doing what she is doing when I have time – write everyday.

And then this.

About to Exhale.

*types. backspaces. types. backspaces. stalls.*

The keys are a little rusty, me thinks.

You are the one who is, me shouts back.

December Stories: Day 2

I want to remember this second day of December for as long as I live. I might just believe I have experienced the best day of 2016 so far yet.