If you’re planning to be away from home for an extended period of time, you might want to consider finding a boarding center where your dog can stay at until you get back in town. This is a center where your dog will receive food, water, play time and attention from the staff while being in an individual area for privacy. There might be times when dogs can play outside with other dogs, but you will likely need to sign a release in the event that something happens between your dog and another.

There are some questions that you want to ask before taking your furry friend to a dog boarding Michigan center kennel. The first thing that you want to talk about is the price. Some will charge extra if your animal isn’t vaccinated or if they have to provide the food. However, there are many kennels that will go ahead and provide food with the option that you can bring your own. Find out about the vaccination requirements. Most centers won’t let your dog stay there until the minimum vaccinations are on record. This is to protect the staff as well as the other dogs that are being housed at the facility. You can usually provide an item from home that the dog is used to, such as a blanket or toy, so that the dog has something with your scent.

When you pick your dog up, he will likely be excited to see you. Sometimes, it’s best to keep food and water at a minimum until he’s used to being back at home and to prevent an excited stomach as some dogs become too excited and find that they have to relieve themselves more often in the first day or two after getting back home. It’s best to call the center about a month ahead of the time you need to leave the dog so that everything is scheduled and any fees are paid by the due date. You also want to leave some wiggle room in case you have to leave out of town earlier or if you plan on coming back home earlier.

Aggie Aviso