This post  is inspired by Ali Edwards’ 13 Everyday Journaling prompts, designed to help us memory keepers document more of what’s real and what makes up our everyday.


Feeling the change in weather. The holidays usually manifest itself to me when it gets dark earlier and when it gets colder. I love the sweater weather but it doesn’t help with my goal of making time to run.

Challenging myself by moving more. My friends and I have set up challenges in Fitbit called the Work Week Hustle. I have been hitting 10K steps in 7 out of 10 days the challenge has been running. I daresay I have been hitting more steps in October compared to ALL the months I’ve been using the Fitbit. This is awesome for me. Completely a cause for celebration.

Celebrating milestones and hitting those steps I’ve been making to reach goals. (I have many.) Putting myself out there. Opening up to new adventures. Taking care of myself more. Tiny baby steps with no backslides. I might not be able to hit the big goals but I’ve been working towards them – score for Aggie.

Watching Shondaland shows. Seriously, this woman. Grey’s Anatomy. Scandal. Then – How to Get Away with Murder. Wow. Fridays are my version of #ShondalandThursdays #TGIT (Go look them up on Twitter).

Listening to ….don’t laugh – Taylor Swift’s 1989. This girl has gone pop and while I have always liked her fashion sense, now I might have been converted as a fan.

Paying attention to what my kids are needing – attention, more push, more nurture, more freedom, more discipline. Being a mom to kids growing up to tweendom and adulthood requires a bit more — discerning. I need to discern if I’m reacting out of fear or overprotection or denial or worse, reacting because I feel the need for control because my kids are becoming independent and might not depend on me so much anymore. (Moms of teenagers, I know you get me!)

Exploding with ideas.

Learning a lot from podcasts. I have been listening to them whenever I’m doing mindless tasks at work.

Inspired by women like Elise Blaha Cripe, Ali Edwards and Lara Casey.

Overwhelmed but totally challenged with work. It has been a long time since I have felt a spark in my heart and got a twinkle in my eye with what I do. And I am loving it so far.

Wanting to create a day each week and dedicate it solely to creating stuff I like to make. I will do that starting November.

Loving this place where I am at. I feel I’m right in the “after the slump and right before where it starts to happen” spot. Totally feeling it.

Looking forward to Christmas.

What about you?
What has been happening around your “here”?

I know I’m not the only one saying this month (heck, this whole year!) flew by very fast but let me say it for the sake of saying it.

WOW. October just flew by, ain’t it?

October has always been one of my most favourite months of the year, even if I am reminded how much I miss my Dad when his birthday comes up. But time, sheer force of will, lots of prayers and the genuine happiness in knowing he is in a better place without pain make for a strong concoction to help me move forward.

When I re-launched my site, my primary goal was to help me go back to the habit of telling my story and doing it creatively. As you might have noticed, you have not read any story post or a creative output share from me.

I would like to say I’m trying to slowly build fire instead of going big without fuel and just crashing but the truth was: I needed to refine and have a clear view on what direction I want this blog to have. And slowly (but clearly) I am having decisive goals.

More to come next month – oh wait, tomorrow!

Thank you for reading and reading – I’d love if it you make yourself known in the comments. Don’t worry I don’t bite!

Aggie Aviso