One of the most important questions to ask yourself is, “Who your target audience?” If you make up an answer on the spot without any extra research you could very well have the wrong demographic for your product.

For example, say you think your target audience is the professional cleaning industry. As you are a cleaning supply company, this makes sense. But, in reality, those who have a true use for your products are stay-at-home parents as your budget-friendly approach is more attractive to those who only have one home to clean rather than many. Not acknowledging this demographic is a detriment.

Know your target audience and, most importantly, know how to communicate effectively. Only then will you reach your target market.

Identifying Your Target Market

There are many ways to research your target market and to understand your true demographic. Conduct market research, see who your competition is marketing to, and even ask your users why your products or services are useful.

Marketing to the wrong demographic is a very costly mistake to make and investing in the right market research upfront can save your company.

Know Which Platforms Your Demographic Uses

Once you know who you are marketing to, you will need to learn where your audience visits online. Some users are dominantly on Facebook, while others are on Reddit. Some never leave Instagram and others still consider Snapchat to be the only social media that is worthwhile. In most cases, your demographic will be on a variety of different channels. Knowing where your target market goes, however, can reduce your marketing budget and allow you to focus your efforts.

Know How to Gain Your Audience’s Attention

In marketing, there are many different methods you are able to use to reach out to your demographic or target market. One of the most effective methods is target marketing. There are several kinds of target marketing, including:

  1. Geographical Targeting
  2. Demographic Targeting
  3. Contextual Targeting
  4. Behavioral Targeting
  5. Retargeting

Each one brings in more traffic and sales than traditional marketing methods. It is also far more cost effective, so long as you know what you are doing.

If you do not have the talent on hand or resources to manage such campaigns by yourself, you will want to outsource to a digital marketing agency like digitalmarkgroup.com. With DMG’s help you will see your money be put to better use moving forward.  

Know How to Communicate with Your Demographic

Know how your demographic talks, know their values, know what images and themes they connect with best. This information will also make SEO and PPC marketing more successful as you can focus on the right keywords.

Differentiations in spellings can also trip up any marketer. By researching the lingual peculiarities of your demographic, you will work with the right spellings from the start. Understand what customers want from your content and you company will become more appealing than your competitors. More effort early on can stop you from falling behind.

Aggie Aviso