It’s safe to say that all of us have a special woman in our lives. This could be your best friend, it could be your mom, or it could be an aunt who you are particularly close to. Whoever it is, it can be great to have a positive female influence in your life, right from when you are a small child up until your adult years. After all, great things can happen when women love and support each other! As the festive season is drawing in, you may be considering what Christmas gifts you are going to buy, and what you want to get the people who are important to you. Buying for family and friends can often be quite the challenge, as when we really care about someone, showing that in a gift format can be hard. But we all know the great feeling we can get from both receiving and giving a well-thought-out gift, especially at Christmas. If you’re lacking in inspiration currently, take a look at these inventive gift ideas for the special woman in your life.


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The retro gift

Take a trip down memory lane with a great retro gift for one of your family members. When looking for christmas presents for her, it can sometimes be hard to find something that is age appropriate – if the person you are buying for is a little older than you. With this in mind, why not go tongue -in-cheek with a fabulous retro-style gift? As well as delving into the past, anything retro and vintage still manages to stand up today. For example, a quirky vintage radio can complete a room’s aesthetic perfectly. Or, you might choose to get a little more personal and surprise your loved one with some vintage candy -subtly find out which was their favourite! They will love the nostalgia of it all, and it shows you have put a lot of thought into the gift too.

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The personalized gift

When buying for your family, part of you will want to get across to them how much they mean to you. It is for this reason that many people have started to personalize their gifts – so an otherwise regular present becomes much more meaningful. Your best friend may have mentioned, for example, that she would like some new jewelry for Christmas. However, knowing that she may receive a whole selection of different earrings and bangles, it’s only natural that you might want to make your gift stand out a little more. Personalizing a piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet, with both your names is a touching sentiment for what may otherwise be just a regular gift. Or, if you’re not all that sentimental of a person, you might want to go down the route of personalizing another item for them.This can be anything from a makeup bag with their name on it to a watering can, if they are the outdoorsy type! Whatever you choose, it shows that you put your effort into the gift.

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The experience gift

As much as we all love Christmas, there are those among us who find its sense of consumerism a little overwhelming. Take a moment to sit down and look at the lists of potential gifts you have made for friends and family. Noticing the same items coming up that you got them three, or maybe even two years ago? Sometimes, we just need to refresh the way we see Christmas gifts, and put more focus on spending quality time with our loved ones rather than giving them materialistic things. With this in mind, an experience-based gift could be the perfect option for a friend or relative who you know won’t get enough out of a regular gift. Or, they are a good idea for those people who you just don’t know what to get! As for the number one woman in your life, there are plenty of different experiences you can choose from; and the best thing is that you can do them all together. If your mom works harder than anyone you know and still never complains, why not consider treating her to a spa experience? You can book packages up to all different levels, some including various treatments as well as food and drink. Or, if your best friend has a taste for adventure, why not book the two of you a high-octane driving experience for the day? Christmas is all about making memories, and with a gift like this you are sure to do exactly that.

Aggie Aviso