I ordered new 8×8 American Craft albums last month together with new page protectors as my new batch of printed pages arrived.I am too busy with work to be able to take a picture of it yet. I switched colors to brown (and black) and will have the pink and blue albums saved for their education albums for now (certificates, awards, artwork, pictures). I am thinking of switching to these albums by next year though, if I proceed with Project Life. I just cannot think how I can work with a 12×12 budget though. It is simply too big (and too expensive)>

I must have shared with you already how I plan to organize our album for this year. Inspired by Anna Aspnes’ post, I am going to use our Monthly Pages (templates by CZ) as dividers by our month. Then everyday pages go there in between.

I should share my progress in pictures one of these days.

Aggie Aviso