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Good home maintenance goes beyond spring cleaning, keeping up with home repairs and fixing up the exterior every year. It’s good to freshen up the interior design every once in a while to keep things looking beautiful and immaculate. If you’ve been living in your house for a while, you should definitely try to put your own personal stamp on the decor. You don’t have to spend a fortune or buy new furniture. All you need is a free weekend, and a little creativity. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Consider the neglected spaces

When people set about redecorating, they usually paint the walls, install new carpets, and buy new furniture. But painting the ceiling can dramatically change the look of the room, so you don’t even have to paint the other four walls. If you don’t have permission from your landlord to paint anything, then use removable wallpaper to imprint an exciting design on the ceiling. If you have to stay home sick, it can make lying in bed a little more interesting.

Make your own art

Why break the bank on buying expensive artwork, when you can make your own art for free. All you need is an internet guide to make pieces that are almost at a professional standard. Say there’s a picture in a magazine you think would look great on your walls; you can use a process called Silk Screening to transfer images from magazines or newspapers to canvass. The process was perfected by Andy Warhols, and you can do it by following a step by step guide on Hamilton Selway. If Silk Screening isn’t to your taste, there are websites that help you print your own poster, prints, or framed wall art. There are even photography centres that will put your favorite picture on a big canvas.

Claim a reading nook

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Bookworms always like having a quiet place to read their favorite novels undisturbed. You don’t need to build an extra room in the house to make this happen. Take a page out of Harry Potter and transform the cupboard under the stairs into a reading nook. If you already have a working light in there, all you need is some cushions and a few shelves. Alternatively, you could set up a bench near a window, and put up cushions, shelves, and some personal touches. It’s a small change that can make the little book lovers in your home so happy.

Streamline the kitchen

The kitchen never seems to have enough space, especially if you’re an amateur chef with a lot of tools. But all you need to make some extra space is some reclaimed wood and a little imagination. An old ladder with a fresh coat of paint is great for hanging pots and pans, and fortunately the old crates you rehomed from farmer’s markets are already marked ‘fruits’ and ‘vegetables.’ Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly, and it gives the house a nice vintage look.

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