About Me

Do you know why my site is called as such? Agatha + Aggie = Aggietha. They are my first name and nickname and I handle my business the same way – formal and yet with a personal touch.

I’m AGATHA AVISO. CAll me aggie.

I still find it hard to describe myself sometimes. Out of all the job titles I have held for more than ten years working with various business owners around the world virtually, I am still not satisfied with being called a writer, virtual assistant, business operations manager or creative designer.

Don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these labels. But let’s ditch labels, shall we?

Remember how we introduce ourselves usually by what we do and not what we are? Well, I’m not doing that here.

I am as much a forward thinker and a sentimental fool, keeping memories in writing and close to my heart. I see the big picture as well as obsess with the littlest details. I’m both a scientist and artist by heart, drawn to creativity, purpose and businesses that strive to make the world a better place, starting with the people who live in it.

And while I haven’t done anything grand to make the world a better place, I make sure to leave my imprint with people I meet. And that could be you.

Program Expertise

Usual Hours of Sleep

Notebooks & Planners

Years in the Industry

Cups of Coffee

Colors of Pens

“When you hire me, I make sure to understand your business – your vision and goals – so that I can work seamlessly with you and find solutions to reach your goals. Consider me a partner. I will be as fully invested as you in making sure your business succeeds. ”

My Skills

I am where words + tech + visuals + systems meet. I write and curate content for small businesses and entrepreneurs and help them set up efficient and organized systems. With extensive knowledge of different platforms used to run virtual businesses, I set up and even integrate multiple platforms into one seamless working system. A creative at heart, I design graphics in the various formats that represent your brand – at the same time still telling a story, drawing your clients in.
There are so many things I can do for your business. It sometimes is a cross of various tasks in different specialties and niches – and my strength came from my extensive experience working with small businesses and start-ups. As you know, start-ups usually have limited resources and I have come to learn to start with the business from the ground up, working closely with the business owner until it expands and we bring on more team members. This is how I came to be a Jill of all Trades – I simply needed to good at everything.
  • Project Management
  • Content Creation, Curation and Repurposing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Course Content / Website Set-up (Kajabi)
Let me help you with your business.

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