*types. backspaces. types. backspaces. stalls.*

The keys are a little rusty, me thinks.

You are the one who is, me shouts back.

I vividly remember 2013. It was my bookmark, you know – end of Book 1, beginning of Book 2. Before and after. Turning point in my life.

One of those events in 2013 was my son entering high school and moving away from us to live in a dorm. My little boy, all 12 years of him, alone.

Now, he enters his last year of high school and I get nostalgic remembering all the growing up we had to do the past five years.

All of us.

It’s like those five years I have been waiting to exhale.

And now I can. Well, I can see the end, but we are not at the end yet. But the exhale is starting.

She is starting sixth grade. And the overwhelm, uncertainty and exciting possibility for her is the same as her brother’s, five years ago.

He is starting 12th grade.

He is going to Singapore for a leadership summit, a free experience from his school.

He is running, and training, and working hard.

And me?

I’m here, one month post-operation, on seclusion by choice and that self-imposed exile was good for me. Challenging, scary and really, really, dark – but facing my demons has been on my to-do list for the longest time. It took a scare to force me to do that, but I am here.

And I am writing again.

These times are like the waiting times. I feel like I’m standing on the bleachers, about to witness a bookmark moment of my life again, but this time, I am not surprised.

I am eagerly waiting. Cheering.

Bring it on.




Aggie Aviso

Aggie Aviso describes herself as her family’s storyteller and memory keeper. A mom to two kids ages 14 and 8, she is certainly past the age of sleepless nights and adorable pigtails. However, motherhood stays exciting, more meaningful and yes, more challenging. She takes it all in stride, knowing fully well that moments pass by in a blink of an eye. As Gretchen Rubin famously said, “The days are long, but the years are short.” She has discovered how wonderful it is to have those fleeting moments in time documented in their family books and has made it her personal mission and passion to be able to tell their stories for her future grandkids. You can read more about her here.. Subscribe to blog updates and the occasional letter here.