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I’m Aggie and I love to write stories.

I’m a 33-year old mama to two growing-up-so-fast children and a wife to a man I consider the yin to my yang (We balance each other out). I’d like to consider myself a Jane-of-all-Trades (Master-of-None) since I love to dabble in everything that piques my interest. I love my family. Really. This includes my little family, my extended family, and the extension of all our families – I can seriously write a book on how much this has played a big positive impact in my life (It takes a village to rear a child, people). This is why my love for stories bloomed.

I love making memories then documenting them in a form that will be seen, read and passed on to generations of my family’s families. It makes me appreciative of life, aware of the little things and makes me cherish more the everyday. OK that sounded too serious.

How about this one: I love making memories. I love taking pictures. I love writing it down. I put them all together and share them with the people I love. Simple.

The names Agatha and Aggie are mine. Back in 2003 I discovered blogging and was frustrated both my given names were taken – and I thought my names were unique. I decided on the combination of the two in five seconds and it stuck.


This site showcases what I consider my strengths – my writing skills, my creativity and (cheesy as it may sounds) my heart. I went back and forth about this site being a showcase of my professional side and my creative personal side but it felt like I was literally being in torn in half.


So I decided to just be myself and let the words flow.

In this blog, I will share my thoughts about family, motherhood, womanhood, working from home, creating goals and being productive. I will also share my creative pursuits and hopefully inspire you to write your own story – if not to share with me, but for you, those who love you and those who want to know you.

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memory keeper.


have been keeping diaries and journals ever since I can remember. I have always been fascinated with writing, stringing words together to make stories. However, I didn’t see myself writing for a living up until I decided to work from home in 2008.

An opportunity came up that allowed me to write articles for a living and stay at home to take care of my children so I jumped at the opportunity. My then-boss liked me so much that my role progressed from just being an article writer to being a project manager, administrative assistant and editor – in short, her executive assistant, albeit virtually.   Through the years I have honed my craft and have written hundreds of articles, blog posts, press releases, web site content, manuals and e-books. Read more about what services I offer. A more detailed story (See? I love stories!) about how I become a work-at-home mom can be found here.

My little family who is my the inspiration for telling my stories, my husband Edil, son Matthew and daughter Martha.

My little family who is my the inspiration for telling my stories, my husband Edil, son Matthew and daughter Martha.


The universe is made of stories, not atoms. – Muriel Rukeyser

I love stories.

Everyone has a story to tell. More than writing, I love telling stories. This evolved from my love of hearing stories. I have made it my life goal to ensure my story gets told. I don’t have any grand mission to evoke change or spark a movement – I just want my story written down, for it to matter. And when I write it down, it matters to me.   There are unheard stories behind told stories, a goldmine of inspiration and wisdom.

So I tell my story.


I will forever be grateful for scrapbooking – or whatever term you refer to for creatively documenting memories.


Photos + Words = A Memory


I have been creatively documenting memories since 2008 when I discovered digital scrapbooking. I remember I saw a digital layout and was in awe – “You can do that in a computer?” So I was hooked, line and sinker. I taught myself Adobe Photoshop, devoured layouts online, learned about basic photography and composition, design principles and font work (typography). I was able to convert it to a business too – proof of how my passion and business can blend together.


I have made books and albums for myself, my family and for-hire (contact me if you want to avail this service). I have learned, over time, to be able to tell a story through a creative organization of photos + words (in short, layouts).


Take a look at some of the layouts I have made about myself (and learn more about me in the process):

1. I am a leftie.

2. I have size 11 feet.

3. I have a streak of white hair strategically placed like Rogue of X-Men. I’d given up trying to dye it.

4. I’d rather exercise than diet.

5. I’m not sweet but I have a very sweet tooth.

6. I’d like to consider myself as a closet nerd.

7. I read YA and chicklit books like how elders read newspapers.

8. I say I’m an old soul when it comes to music but my track contains R&B and Pop.

9. I still buy notebooks like I’m a student. I’m very picky when it comes to paper. So I stick to Moleskines for my journals.

10. I love to hoard pens. Pilot retractable pens specifically.

11. I love lists (hence this list).

12. I looked like my Mom before. Now I look like my Dad.

13. Two Degrees. Two Licenses. It took me 8 years to earn those titles but only 9 months to have the title that matters to me most: Being a MOM. That one’s a lifetime degree of mistakes and achievements.

14. I married my highschool sweetheart.

15. I can’t sing to save my life.

16. I read very fast. I don’t know why.

17. I’m so bad with numbers.

18. I only have a handful of true and trusted friends. I like to keep it that way.

19. Oh. I’m tall. 5’7″ Big Bones Tall.

20. Gong Yoo. ‘Nuff said.

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I  share my thoughts about family, motherhood, womanhood, working from home, creating goals and being productive on my blog. I will also (try to) share my creative pursuits and hopefully inspire you to write your own story.

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