Your own home should be a place to relax, to unwind, and whether you’re buying a new place, or you’ve been somewhere for years, they can both fall prey to common issues. What’s very alarming is that a lot of these issues are so common, that we end up ignoring them. So, let’s provide you with some of the most common ones.

Improper Surface Drainage

When getting your home looking great, your roof and exteriors can fall prey to external damage from rainwater, and it could penetrate the house. It’s a very small component to get set up in the grand scheme of things, but it should be a priority.

Structural Problems

Because a house is cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. In fact, you might find that you buy a home and find numerous structurally related problems. The foundation walls or the headers to the windows and doors can suffer from wear and tear over time, and so it’s important that you get a home inspector to look at these issues and give you a comprehensive breakdown of exactly how dangerous these structural problems are.

Poor Electrical Wiring

A very common culprit with older properties. If you bought a home that ran through generations of one family, it’s very likely that they didn’t make any modern upgrades to electricity. Or, the more likely explanation is that they didn’t use many electrical items at all. When we use electrical items now, we think about the fact that pretty much everything runs on electricity. From our computers, to charging our phones, and of course, the televisions. And if you overload the circuits, it could be a danger to your home (and your life). It’s important to get an electrician in so they can make the appropriate fixes.

Plumbing Problems

When there’s a leak in a property, it can take a long time to determine the source. It could very well be a structural issue, and that the pipe has been slowly dripping water over a long time, perhaps years. When there are plumbing problems, sometimes they can be very obvious, and we can make these little fixes ourselves. But when we see a small patch of water on a wall, we’ve got to locate the source as soon as possible.

Bad Ventilation

If you have an AC in the home, and it’s not been serviced for a long time, it can be harboring so many different germs and mold, that you could be making yourself sick. Moldy rooms are very common in old houses, but that doesn’t mean the newer models are exempt from a buildup of mold. It’s important that you air out your home as much as you can, but also clean out any air conditioning filters or HVAC systems.

Unfortunately, these things are very common, and if you’ve bought a new property, it’s important that before you settle down and enjoy the little pleasures of your new home, that you get these issues fixed. While there are common home problems, this doesn’t mean that you have to live with them or put up with them to any extent.

Aggie Aviso