Since I have had this powerhouse of an iMac a couple of months ago, it is only this year when I really learned how to use it. I have still a lot to learn and I am afraid of wearing it down (as early as now I am saving for its AppleCare renewal come August) but I am loving how I can work and scrap at the same because of its big screen.

For January and February alone, I think I have turned in 30++ layouts already, and that is not even counting the album I have done for my client. In fact, while I am making this post, I have Photoshop running in the background with a current page in progress.

I think that me looking more into our photos (finally getting through organizing them!) has helped a lot. I remember a thread in SSD about how to determine which events to scrap and I was inspired by Darcy Baldwin’s process. She keeps photos by month/year and then have folders for special occasion in that same month folder. Whatever she wants to scrap, she copies to her TO SCRAP folder with subfolders on the pages she likes (Example: TO SCRAP>JANUARY>Sick Day, Winter, etc etc).

I have been doing this for my album projects so I have a lot of running albums in progress. Thanks to an extra EHD arriving, I can now afford to copy pictures. That, and the fact that I have went on a deleting purge on my kits. I think I cleared about a third of space.

So I wanted to do an album about my son’s 10 birthdays so I copied his birthday celebrations per year in a separate folder and labelled it 1st, 2nd, 3rd. (I’ve still yet to scan his 1st to 3rd bdays though, see what I mean in a work in progress). Then I also want to make my daughter’s first year – but featuring her best pictures per month, so that same organization happens.

I also have organized special folders for themed kits – school, birthday and Xmas ones. I have three Christmas albums in progress and since I am not Supermom, years 2006, 2008 and 2009 are going to be done with pre-made template albums with journal prompts. My kids deserve to see them in print, and that is enough motivation for me.

Aggie Aviso