If you are lucky enough to have a guest room in your house, then for many days of the year, you will know that it can stand empty. It’s not like you will constantly have guests round. So having a space that is multifunctional, as well as being practical, is key. When you have guests round, though, there are certain things that can help to make their stay more comfortable. They aren’t going to be expecting accommodation like a hotel. But if you can make it an even cozier place to be then it will make a big difference to them. So what is required in a guest room to make sure that they have a comfortable and welcoming stay? Here are a few things that will ensure they have the most home from home (or even better than at home) stay possible.



Pillows and Cushions

Some people can be particular about how many pillows they need to sleep with. For many people, just one pillow isn’t enough. But there are people that require more. So being able to give them plenty of options is a good idea. If there are lots of pillows and cushions in the room or on the bed, then they can choose how many they want. Then you know that they will be as comfortable as possible when they are sleeping. If the guest room is a little on the small side, then having extra pillows and cushions can help them to prop themselves up in bed. There might not be anywhere else for them to sit. But if they want to read a book or use a laptop, then having more cushions and pillows will make that much easier.

Somewhere To Sit

This point has briefly been covered, as it will depend on the size of the bedroom that you have. If there isn’t any extra space for a chair or beanbag, then just make sure that you have plenty of extra pillows and cushions, to make the bed really comfortable for them to sit on. But if you have got a little extra space, then somewhere separate from the bed for your guest to sit on can make a big difference to their comfort. You could get large armchair to sit in the corner of the room. Something that is soft and comfortable is most desirable really. But if space doesn’t allow, then perhaps you could use a wooden chair or a folding chair. At least, it can double up as somewhere that they can store their luggage or drape clothes on. Many people choose beanbags in a spare room too. It can make the room look extra cozy as they are soft and comfortable. So that could be an alternative option to having a chair in there. You could look somewhere like Fombag if you’ve not shopped for beanbags before.




Bedside Table

A bedside table is needed in any guest room. Think about hotel rooms that you have stayed in; they all have a bedside table. It acts as the main place where your guest’s belongings will go, as well as providing a place for a bedside lamp. They can put their phone there or an alarm clock, as well as perhaps a book or magazine. It can be a good idea to leave out a few books or magazines for them. Then they will have something to read on an evening if they haven’t already brought something. Small things like that make a big difference to someone’s stay.


It is a good idea to have a small notice board or a notebook in the room. Again, think back to some hotels that you might have stayed at. Having things like the wifi password or details about when the hot water comes on can be really helpful. Then they don’t have to feel like they are pestering you when they arrive. It is also just a really small but thoughtful thing that will make them feel like they are having a fancy night away at a hotel. They won’t want to leave!

Hooks or Hangers

Not all guest rooms will have a wardrobe in. Quite often they will just have a chest of drawers or a bookcase for storage. So it can be tricky for guests if they want to hang something up, like a suit or a dress. And quite often family and friends will be staying over for a special family event. So it is a good idea to have some hooks up in the room. It might be on the back of the door, or you could have some hooks put up along the wall. If you do have a small wardrobe in there, then make sure that it isn’t just filled with your stuff. Obviously, it can make for a great storage space for you, because a lot of the time it is out of sight. Just make sure that there is some space in it for guests and some spare clothes hangers that they could use.



Towels and Tissues

When you’ve got a guest over, you might have some specific towels that you want them to use. If so, make sure you make it known by having them out in their room. Then when they use the bathroom, they can just take their towels with them. You don’t want them to feel awkward as they don’t know what they should use when they are in the bathroom. Second, of all, you should have a box of tissues in the room. When you aren’t in your own home, you might not want to dash through the hall in the middle of the night to grab a tissue. So having a box of tissues (and a small bin), can make a massive difference to your guests, even when they just sneeze.

Extra Bedding

This one can seem like a bit of a no-brainer, can’t it? But the comfort of your guests should be a priority. Having the option of extra sheets or blankets is just a nice touch. Then they can be was warm or cool as they want to be.

Aggie Aviso