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If you are completing DIY tasks around the home, you will need a well-stocked toolbox that has everything you need. A toolbox is something that you are likely to build up over time as it could become very expensive if you try to buy everything all in one go. First of all, you will need the basics before you start accumulating tools that are suited for particular jobs. And it is always worth remembering to put your tools back in the same place so you are totally comfortable that you will be able to find them again! Here are some of the top items that you will want in your basic toolbox.

Screwdriver Set

Screwdrivers are very versatile tools that can be used for everything from prying the lids of paint cans to assembling flatpack furniture. You will want to have both flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers in various different sizes to do all the jobs you need. Try to go for magnetic tips and comfortable grips that will make jobs so much easier.

Claw Hammer

Next up on the list is a claw hammer – one end is used to bash in nails while the other end is used to remove ones that have become bent out of some wood or the wall. Again, make sure you choose one that you are comfortable wielding and choose a rubber or plastic handle for better shock absorption and grip.

Electric Drill

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Of all the power tools that you could own, this is probably the one that you will want to go with first. Cordless drills provide that level of convenience, but the corded kinds are more affordable. As this is one of the most costly additions that you will make to your toolbox, it is worth checking out Woodworking Fuel for an overview of the different brands that are available. These tools also have versatility as you can drill holes, drive screws, sand and grind materials, and even stir paint.

Adjustable Wrench

Rather than going for a set of difference wrenches which take up a great deal of space, you can instead go for an adjustable wrench which allows you to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of various different sizes.


The most versatile kinds of pliers are both locking and adjustable so you can use them as a clamp, a wrench or even as wire cutters.

Tape Measure

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This small but invaluable piece of equipment is that you will need for all manner of jobs. And make sure it is something that you always use so you don’t end up making some major errors. Tape measures come in a variety of different widths, but the wider ones make it easier to support them in one hand when they are extended.


Another item that will help stop you making any major mistakes, a level will ensure that you ensure that everything is straight when you hang it. A three to four foot metal one is invaluable and also provides you with a straight edge.  

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