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New patios help you create a slice of paradise outdoors. But they can also set you back a lot of money. 

Fortunately, this post can help. We look at some money-saving strategies you can adopt to reduce the cost of your patio installation and have more left over for whatever else you want to do. 

Recycle Materials

Instead of buying brand-new materials, you can often reduce the cost by recycling or upcycling old ones. For example, if you have leftover bricks from building work, you can transform them into a patio area. 

If you’re really looking for a bargain, try going to the salvage yard for materials. You should find plenty of stone and concrete here. 

Do It Yourself

Another way to slash costs is to buy the stone pavers you need and fit them yourself. Unlike electrical or gas work, DIY slab-laying is relatively safe.

Of course, you could make a mess of it. However, watching just a few YouTube videos could tell you what to do and how to proceed. 

Making a patio the first time can be a little stressful. But once you get the hang of it, you can do it again whenever you want. It’s one of those skills that will never leave you. 

Make It Small

Another obvious way to cut the cost of your patio is to keep it small. Using as little material as possible can bring down the price tremendously while still providing you with a hard surface for seating and tables. You don’t need to build a patio that extends right along the entire back of your home (though such patios are nice!) 

If you are going down the DIY route, making your patio small reduces material costs. However, it also slashes labor costs if you’re hiring contractors. The amount of time work takes is often proportional to the size of the job. 

Make It Multi-Purpose 

You can also cut the cost of a patio by making it multipurpose from the outset. Instead of having a separate installation for your shed’s foundation, fire pit, and dining table, you have one continuous edifice for everything. You could build all these elements into the design. 

Use Existing Greenery

Buying additional greenery for your patio can be expensive. However, using your existing shrubs is free. You could transplant them to be closer to your patio, create green walls, or put them into pots to mark the boundaries of the newly paved area. 

Shop Out Of Season

You can also save money on a patio installation by shopping out of season. Patio furniture is cheapest in the winter when demand is lowest. (People aren’t usually shopping for outdoor furniture in the coldest months). Then, you can set it up, ready to use in the spring. 

Use Thrift Stores

Finally, you can decorate your patio with items you find at thrift stores, garage sales, and discount online marketplaces. These provide ample opportunities to find incredible deals and reduce the prices you face considerably, eliminating any sales taxes.

Aggie Aviso