We all have days that get us down. Whether it’s a problem at work or a struggle at home, life has a way of making us feel self-conscious and insecure. When days like these arise, don’t just wait for them to pass. You can do things to give yourself a boost and, why shouldn’t you? When you work hard but you have to deal with challenges anyway, use it an excuse to spoil yourself. Here are some ways to cheer yourself up when life throws you lemons.


Watch Something Funny

Comedy will never fail to put a smile on your face, and when you’re laughing you’ll feel instantly better. Suddenly, everything you’re worrying about will feel smaller. Whether you choose to watch a funny movie or you spend half the day on Youtube watching animal’s epic fails, you’re sure to go to bed feeling much better than you did.


You don’t have to max out your credit card on bags of items that you don’t really need in an effort to fill a void. All you need to do is treat yourself. Maybe you could stop off at the supermarket and grab a few of your favourite cupcakes for desert. Or you might want to treat yourself to Spring In The Air Luxury Roses. Whatever you decide to splurge out on, make sure it makes you happy.

Change Your Perspective

If you’re asking yourself ‘why me?’ every time the smallest of things goes wrong, no number of cupcakes will fix it. Instead, think about changing the way you view the world. No-one is out to get you. Bad things happen all the time, so you have two choices. The first, is to panic and feel like you’re being attacked, then get depressed about it. The second, is to shrug it off and deal with it, ready to fight another day.



Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to motivate us into feeling better. Why not create an inspiration board? You could fill it with inspirational pictures, quotes and create goals for yourself to reach. It’s a new project that you can get stuck into and something that could excite you for the future.

Glass Half Full

Thomas Edison once said, ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10, 000 ways that won’t work’. People fall at hurdles every day; the point is to get back up, dust yourself off and carry on. If you’re finding something difficult, looking at it in a positive way could make all the difference. For example, repeating a few affirmations to yourself every day.

Cuddle a Pet

Recent studies have shown that stroking a dog can significantly reduce blood pressure. We automatically relax when we spend time with our pets. Perhaps it’s because we know we can be ourselves around them and we won’t be judged. The love a pet gives its owner is unconditional. If you need cheering up, plan a night of cuddles with your pet in front of the TV.

Aggie Aviso