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So, you hate your job. You find it hard getting up in the morning knowing you’ll have to spend at least 9 hours slaving away in a place that sucks the life out of you. It’s time to get a new job!

Here are some great tips for improving your odds of getting that one dream job that will ensure you spring out of bed ready for action every morning:


If your dream job requires a degree, but you don’t have one, it might be time to go back to school.  These days, you can take online courses for college credit, and even complete the whole of your education via distance learning, which means that you can continue to work and meet your commitments and study at the same time.

Tailor Your Resume

As soon as you decide that you would like another job, sit down with your resume and work out all of the things you can do to improve it. Sometimes, simply changing the layout and modifying the language a bit is all it takes to move your resume from the rejection pile to the hire me now stack!

Once you have ensured that your resume looks good and conveys all of your skills and abilities in the simplest, most compelling way possible, you should save it as a master copy. When you have done this, you can modify it to suit each and every application you make, changing the emphasis from one skill to another, depending on what is required.

Search for a Company

Instead of searching for a job, why not search for a great company that you would love to work for? Let them know you’re interested, send them your resume and who knows, they might just have something for you!


Whatever industry you want to work in, it is almost certain that there will be a whole host of conferences and events centered around your niche. If you can afford to, it could be of great benefit for you to visit a few of these. Not only will you have a great time and learn a thing or two about the industry, but you’ll meet other people who are already working in your dream field, and they just might be able to help you land that dream job.

Practice Your Interview Technique

Whether we like it or not, having the ability to perform well in an interview is often even more important than our qualifications or the passion we have for the position. That’s why it pays to practice your interview technique. Learn about body language; have a friend give you a mock interview; read up on the most common interview questions and ensure you know everything there is to know about the company you’re applying to, and you’ll stand a much better chance of showing them what you’ve got!
One final point: no matter how much you hate your current job, please don’t burn your bridges when you leave. You never know what the future holds or when you will need the help of your previous employer again, so be nice and leave quit with grace.

Aggie Aviso