Since I loved this simple post for capturing what is my now these days, I figured I should do it again. To help keep me on my toes, I figured I’d do a themed edition every now and then, and this week I decided to focus on food.

Lumpiang toge. Hello uric acid. But yes, I’m late discovering this awesome Pinoy ulam-merienda-all day-everyday dish! I usually eat three in one sitting, and can eat this everyday. Oh yes. We make our own at home and I tried using lettuce as a wrap when our egg wrappers ran out. De-lish! The secret to its awesomeness is in its sauce – you need to learn how to mix vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and black pepper perfectly to make it just.right.


Halo-halo. With temperatures reaching 38degrees with a heat index of 51 as early as the start of summer, you can bet that halo-halo is flying off the charts (so does ice cream, but I’ve never been a fan). This has been a merienda staple since April started. (Which totally ruins my diet, but I.need.cold.sweet.food – with leche flan and ube, please!)

For those who haven’t heard about this miracle wonder, apple cider vinegar might just be your remedy for high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels and craving control. I have started taking it sporadically since the year started but really got consistent to drinking it – 10ml diluted in water, three times a day – come late February. You notice the difference once you finish a bottle – I’ve not craved that much anymore (I allow myself to eat chips every Sunday) and I am hoping that once I do my blood tests, my cholesterol blood level results will not be as high.

You got to drink this fresh – a quarter kilo is only 15 to 20 pesos in the market (look for yellow ginger). I drink this every night and it’s supposed to be good for inflammation control and liver protection/care. Anything for my liver, baby.

Honey. What makes ACV and turmeric taste nice is honey. I should really buy the pure authentic ones from Ilog Maria but the ones in the market that sell for unbelievably cheap will do for now. This is my sugar replacement. I even use it when I drink my infused water (lemon, cucumber, basil).


I have decided to take a more conscious effort in taking care of myself and these little things – ACV, infused drinks, turmeric tea – done consistently over time is something I am positive will bring great results to my health. The pounds are not melting away like ice cream under the scorching sun but ask me the question again, in December, when I’ve done almost a full year of healthy habits and I am certain my answer will change.

And I just realized, these little small healthy GOOD things might very well just be literally saving my life right now!

Aggie Aviso