Are you constantly finding that your productivity levels are impacted when you are working from home? Here are some of the reasons why this might be the case and the best way to tackle these problems. 

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Family Distractions

First, it’s possible that the problem distracting you when you are trying to work at home is your family. One of the issues that homeworkers have is that their family doesn’t always understand that they are still on a work schedule. You might be expected to complete errands or pick people up. You could even be expected to complete things that need doing around the house. While these are all possibilities when you are working from home, you won’t be free to do them all the time. Some days, you will be completely snowed under for work. That’s why it’s important to set a work schedule that your family understands. 

Environmental Trouble 

It’s possible that the issue that’s distracting you is environmental. Perhaps your home is too hot or too cold. Usually, this is going to be an issue with your HVAC system. While you can think about wrapping more blankets around you as a temporary solution, you will ultimately need HVAC services to fix this for you. They should be able to guarantee that your home feels warm in the winter or keeps cool through the summer season. If they can’t help this might also be a blown window. That could need replacing but a temporary budget-friendly option would be to invest in some thick curtains. 

A Pesky Pet 

It’s possible that you have a pet who is constantly bugging you to play or needs a walk. This is definitely going to be a distraction when you are trying to work and can make you lose levels of productivity. To deal with this issue, you should think about taking your pup out for a long walk in the morning before you start work and then having a play with them at lunch. Finally, include a quick walk at the end of the day too. Start getting them used to this routine and they will know when to expect your attention. This means that they won’t bother you all the time throughout the day. 


Finally, RSI can be a massive problem and is quite common in people who work from home. A repetitive strain injury is essentially caused by working for long hours at a computer without breaks. You’ll feel it in your fingers, wrists or anywhere else in your upper limbs. It’s quite difficult to deal with an issue like this and the best way to handle it is to ensure it doesn’t impact you in the first place. We recommend thinking about where you are working. You should be using a desk with a chair that provides great back support. Ideally, you should explore additional ergonomic options too such as a sit/stand desk. 

We hope this helps you deal with the distractions you can face working from home and ensure that you keep productivity at an all-time high.