Cultivating a grateful heart was a bit more challenging once I have started this challenge, ironically. It was a stressful, not-going-the-way-I-wanted-it-to week. But I persevered. This matters to me. So I’m making it happen.

So I went to work. I just tried to be mindful to take a photo everyday of things/events/people that I was grateful for. Sometimes it’s a deep reason, sometimes it’s an everyday thing (like coffee). Again, this album is for me. So I’m making it simple.

Photos + Words

These have always been my focus. And as the years go by, I find myself just really making sure I have photos that matter to me or to my family and pair it with words. And then I’m done. My album is done. My scrapbook is done.

That’s how I scrapbook these days.

You can find my updated project album here. I will be slowly building my projects/portfolio page as I complete other projects.

Be grateful everyday

Whether you are documenting your gratitude like me or just finding time to pause, reflect and thank God for one little thing that’s happening to you right now, I hope that being grateful changes you as it has been slowly proving to changing me.

Aggie Aviso