30 days of list

I was looking at the calendar and my 12 in 12 post yesterday thinking what creative project I would tackle tomorrow, the 1st day of August. I am pleasantly happy I am able to align myself and keep myself in check with my creative goals – not too slow that my goals get left behind but not too fast that other aspects of my life are neglected. This is the balance I’m working on.

Next month, I decided to do the 30 Days of Lists. It’s a good time to finally complete my prompts when I signed up last March since they are going to be tackling another list by September.

You can read what 30 Days of Lists is all about here. Basically, it’s a writing exercise and a creative outlet in one, if you decide to get creative in your output.

You can see some creative examples of what Listers did in the Pinterest Board. However, what really caught my eye and really inspired me A LOT (that I want to learn typography design) is SkyeJuice’s gallery of Lists.

Here is an example:


Isn’t it so eye-catching?
Here’s the master plan:
1. I do another graphic page per day (list prompt).
2. I share it everyday on this blog.
3. By day 30, I should have 30 pages and they go get printed at Artscow. I’m still deciding whether to do 9×7 or 8×8 (depends on the coupons I have, hehehe).

See you on August 1st for my first page of lists 🙂

Aggie Aviso