Doing this starting today – will share my pages weekly:

30 mini-manifesto
29 i’m grateful for
28 this week i chose to
27 quotes getting me through the day/week/month
26 last year at this time i was…
25 When faced with a tough decision, I….
24 pets (past & present)
23 why i’m excited about today
22 my favorite apps
21 my favorite weather
20 the best ways to workout
19 in the next year, i will
18 so far this year, I…
17 i’m lucky because
16 this month’s soundtrack
15 ways i save money
14 my role models
13 my causes
12 things i do every night
11 things i do every morning
10 i’m craving
9 today’s “ought to do” list
8 comfort foods
7 in my bag
6 my talents
5 things i would like to do/accomplish by the end of this month
4 on an average day, I…
3 this ________, I’m going to __________
2 about me
1 i am a lister because

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